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Cooking helps ease people's anxiety amid the epidemic

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 03/14/2020 Editor : Tenzin Woebom



    A local resident in Lhasa uses flour to encourage and cheer for people in Wuhan amid the epidemic. [Photo/VTIBET.com]


    After being trapped at home for over one month due to the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak, many residents in Lhasa, who are staying indoors to avoid infection, are rolling up their sleeves and starting a new career in the kitchen. When time needs to be killed, cooking is not only for eating but also for fun. 


    With a goal of learning at least one new dish every day, many young people in Lhasa download recipe sharing apps and follow several chefs on video-sharing apps. They found their cooking skills improved by leaps and bounds during the epidemic. 


    "I used to eat in the office and seldom cooked at home on weekdays. Even on weekends, I would prefer takeout food," Tashi Tsomo, one of the young local residents said. "But during these days at home, I have spent much time studying cooking." She believes that more difficulties people experience during the epidemic, the more they will learn to appreciate the good moments in life and healthy lifestyles. 



    Although kept indoors most of the time due to the virus outbreak, people hope to spend every day tastefully. [Photo/VTIBET.com]



    Many young local residents’ cooking journey begins with soup then moves forward with fried dishes and desserts, and then focuses on improving their baking skills during the epidemic. [Photo/VTIBET.com]



    Young people might have never devoted so much time to cooking. A nationwide cook-off is raging on various social media. For many people, it has become a pleasure to watch each other's food videos posted on their WeChat Moments at mealtimes. [Photo/VTIBET.com]



    Netizens share their kitchen laboratory results on social media. Cooking ranks the top pastime during the virus outbreak. [Photo/VTIBET.com] 

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