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Paired aiding Tibet project promotes Tibetan medical level

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 05/06/2020 Editor : Tenzin Woebom



    Li Jiamou (L) guides Tibetan doctors of Lhasa People’s Hospital to analyze the pathology based on X film. [Photo provided to VTIBET.com]  


    Medical treatment, public health care and health services in Tibet Autonomous Region are at a lower level due to its geographical conditions and historical reasons. However, with the constant investment of central government and provinces as well as cities who aid Tibet, Tibet's medical facilities and service level have improved significantly since paired aiding Tibet project carried out.


    Both local and inland, both Tibetan and other ethic groups, have been working together in remote areas to improve local medical conditions and save lives.


    Since the aid project of sending medical personnel group to Tibet implemented, Tibet has focused on strengthening ability of diagnosis and treatment of difficult and critical cases as well as the construction of subject quality control system in each hospital of Tibet.



    Gong Xiaofeng (R), a doctor of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital and Li Jiamou, a doctor of Beijing Tiantan Hospital who are sent to Lhasa Municipal People's Hospital for carrying out medical aid project look at a patient's X film and exchange ideas with each other at orthopedics department in Lhasa Municipal People's Hospital, Tibet. [Photo provided to VTIBET.com] 


    A large number of key departments in line with local conditions have been developed quickly, and their service capacity also improved significantly. At present, dozens of key departments have been established, and ICU, catheter room, hemodialysis center and pathology department etc. have also been widely established.


    What's more, free physical examinations have also covered all over Tibet, which has benefited nearly three million urban and rural residents. Medical workers have also consulted local residents on their physical conditions and offered medical tips in daily life to raise their health awareness during the check-ups, after they have enjoyed free medical care, even free surgeries in hospital with their health guaranteed.


    In recent years, Tibet has studied and implemented the spirit of the important speech delivered by Chinese president Xi Jinping at the national health conference, adhered to the health policy in new situation, put people's health in the strategic position of preferential development, and stuck to the vision of people-centered development for vigorously promoting the equalization of basic medical service, accelerating the construction of healthy Tibet and providing more convenient treatment for farmers and nomads. 

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