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Villagers benefit from cow breeding industry

  • Source : VTIBET.com Author : Tenzin Woebom Time : 05/08/2020 Editor : Tenzin Woebom




     Photo shows a cowshed in Gangdui village. [Photo/VTIBET.com]


    "In the past, if we raise dairy cattle at home, we had to deal with the feed, environmental sanitation and other problems. Nowadays, the modern cowshed has not only solved the problems but also improved our living environment. We all benefits from it, the net income of my family reached 50,000 yuan last year,” said Tenzin Kelsang, a villager from Gangdui village, Ngachen township of Lhasa city.


    In recent years, the authorities of Chengguan district, Lhasa has taken advantage of its unique geographic position to develop dairy cattle breeding industry,which can solve the underemployment problems among Chengguan district and boost the local economy at the meantime. Besides,the fixed idea of the farmers and herders will be changed, and the sense of market economy will be enhanced, too.



    Photo shows new breeds in a cowshed. [Photo/VTIBET.com]


    "The dairy cattle farms are well equipped, such as disinfection room, veterinary stations, breeding house, feed house and so on. We have introduced two new breeds,the milk production per cow is 15 to 16 kilogram. At present, the annual milk production of the entire dairy cattle farm is 240 tons. The dairy cattle industry with less investment, quick effects and small risks has not only benefits the raisers but also provides the safe dairy products with high quality to the market." said a responsible person.


    It is reported that Chengguan district also implemented standardized production project of dairy cattle breeding farm to develop dairy industry. The total investment of this project is 30,486,000 yuan, which includes the construction of medium-sized methane tank, exercise yard for cattle,  hayloft, expansion of cowshed, the purchase of cows, as well as quarantine and disinfection equipment etc. At present, 70% of the project has been completed.

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