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Tibet sees surging growth in agricultural products processing

  • Source : Xinhua Author : Time : 01/11/2020 Editor : Tenzin Chodron


    China's Tibet Autonomous Region saw robust growth in the farm and animal products processing industry, reaching a gross output of nearly 4.89 billion yuan (705 million U.S. dollars) in 2019.


    The value surged by 16 percent than that of 2018, said a statement issued by the regional department of finance on Friday.


    According to an official with the department, higher value-added processing products and a wider market, which has been expanded to other parts of China, contributed to the growth.


    Grain produce reached 1.05 million tonnes, and meat and dairy products exceeded 900,000 tonnes in 2019, said the statement.


    The region will further inject funds into technology this year to support agricultural development, including arable quality and livestock breed improvement, according to the statement.

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