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Trade unions contribute to Tibet's development

  • Source : chinadaily.com.cn Author : Cheng Si Time : 09/15/2021 Editor : Wang Zi


    Trade unions across China have made great contribution to the development of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region since 2014, and they will continue their support to the region in the next five years.


    According to a media release by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, a support agreement worth 350 million yuan ($54 million) covering 628 projects was signed at a working conference in Lhasa on Tuesday.


    More than 44 million yuan, out of the total 350 million, will be used to build oxygen facilities to make oxygen available to workers in places with tough environmental conditions and a higher workload, the release said.


    According to the release, about 183 million yuan ($28.4 million) has been channeled to Tibet, covering 581 supporting projects by trade unions from 17 provinces since 2014.


    Also, the trade union federation has trained about 6,5000 workers workers in the region from 2014 to 2020 to improve their working abilities. Seventy-four county-level workers' centers have been established over the time period, promoting cultural exchanges among ethnic groups.

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