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Blood donation facilities introduced into Tibet

  • Source : Xinhua Author : Time : 09/19/2019 Editor : Liu Yinan

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    A set of platelet collection facilities have been introduced into southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region. Blood donors started to use the facilities to donate platelets on Wednesday.


    The regional blood center said this is the first set of collection facilities being introduced into the region.


    To meet the increasing demand of the region's medical institutions for platelets, the regional government purchased the facilities, including a platelet collection machine and transportation and storage equipment, with a value of about 1.5 million yuan (211,606 U.S. dollars).


    The blood center sent six medical staff to a blood center in southwest China's Yunnan Province to learn platelet collection skills, while the People's Hospital of Tibet engages in the platelet transportation, storage and transfusion.


    Chen Wei, an official of the regional health commission, said that thanks to the efforts of various departments, Tibet has achieved a breakthrough in the introduction of platelet collection facilities, keeping the blood supply safe.

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